asked questions


How can I help?

  1. Take a quick survey. Responses will only be shared with Founders & the App Development Team

  2. Making a tax-deductible donation to NotYetPro

  3. Recommending a local DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) pool operator who is willing to donate or rent pool space and time to NotYetPro Swim School 
  4. Recommending current/former competitive swimmers who'd like to teach swim lessons for NotYetPro Swim School

How can I use the app?

We are finishing development, sign up here to be among the first to get access. 

How can NotYetPro help me learn to swim?

Visit the NotYetPro Swim School for more information.

How can NotYetPro help me find a business or service that caters to amateur athletes and/or teams?

Visit the NotYetPro Directory for more information.