"We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge." ~John Naisbitt

1Credentials & Certifications
Tyree Powell, Founder and Head Coach
  • 20+ Year Coaching & Instruction Experience
  • Former USA Swimming Swimmer
  • Water Safety Instructor - American Red Cross
  • Lifeguarding with CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers and First Aid - American Red Cross
  • Safety Training for Swim Coaches - American Red Cross
  • Ambassador for Water Safety - American Red Cross
  • Open Water Scuba Diver - (NAUI) National Association of Underwater Instructors
  • Towson University (Towson, MD) Swim Team Alumnus - NCAA Division I
  • PDR Swim Team (Philly, PA) Alumnus - USA Swimming
  • Central High School (Philly, PA) Swim Team - 4-Time Phila. Public League Team Champion; 3-Time Phila. Public League Individual Champion
  • Began competitive swimming at age 11
2Lesson Length

    Bowie, MD (indoor)
    Group: 40 mins
    Private: 30 mins

    Laurel, MD (outdoor)
    Group: 50 mins
    Private: 50 mins

  • If you would like feedback regarding your children’s progress, please approach the teacher at the end of class to ask for this. (We will say, “this is the last thing we are going to do”– which would signal the end of class to be near.) We have a 5 minute buffer in-between students set aside for communication w/ parents on participant’s progress (or for the teacher to use the restroom!).
3What ages do you teach?
  • Most of our students are adults & teens.
  • We teach and train ages 6 & up.
4What if I'm afraid of the water?

All swimmers must come prepared to FULLY SUBMERGE their FACE, HEAD, & BODY in the water. For students afraid of the water, lessons will be immediately discontinued, without refund.

We understand the ability to submerge yourself does not mean you are fully comfortable in the water. We will help with comfort levels but you have to come ready!

We understand people have a fear of the water, sometimes lifelong. But to be true to our brand, we TEACH SWIMMING, not how to conquer fears.

Contact us if you are looking for ways to prepare yourself to learn to swim after a lifetime of being afraid.

5Where are you located?

Sport Fit Bowie (INDOOR pool)
100 White Marsh Pk Dr., Bowie, MD 20715
Year Round

Laurel, MD (OUTDOOR pool
June - August

6Scheduling Lessons
  • Private, semi-private, and small group lessons and training are available for ages 4 and up, all levels and abilities.
  • All lessons are secured (scheduled and paid for) in advance.
  • Lessons are 50-60 minutes in length unless otherwise arranged. (We allot 3-5 mins after class to communicate to parents on child’s progress, please approach your teacher poolside at the end of class to get that feedback.)
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Schedule and pricing is subject to change without notice.
    7Missed Class Policy
    We do not offer make up lessons and any missed lessons are not credited or refunded.
    • NO makeups for classes missed by students are offered.
    • If a class is canceled by NotYetPro Swim School or the pool is closed, we will arrange your class session to be made up. Your payment secures your spot in the class.
    • If NotYetPro Swim School cancels the class, your class will be rescheduled ASAP.
    • Payment in full reserves your spot.
    • Additional payment may be required by pool facility to enter pool facility.
    • Electronic payments & tips only
    • Cashapp: $notyetpro
    • Credit Card/PayPal:
    • For tips, please indicate your instructor by name
    • Please note: NOTYETPRO Swim School reserves the right to cancel/change certain class times or instructors as deemed necessary.
    • Once booked, there are no refunds, makeups or rescheduling.
    • You have a reserved time for each swim lesson. The instructors are there to teach even if you do not show up. It is your responsibility to schedule your lesson for a time that fits your schedule.
    • If you need to withdraw your child for an extended period of time due to illness or travel, please call or email for assistance. If you choose not to follow these guidelines no refund will be provided.
    • If NOTYETPRO Swim School must cancel a class, we will issue a refund for the class. In the event we experience a teacher illness or a problem with a pool/rental facility, we will make every effort to contact you prior to your class. However we may not be able to let you know until class time. If a substitute teacher is available, the class will be taught as scheduled and no refund will be given.
    • NO refunds/reschedules will be given once the session has begun.
    • NO refunds/reschedules for swimmers who choose not to participate in the class at class time.
    • NO refunds/reschedules for swimmers who sign up for lessons in the “wrong pool” or travel to the wrong pool.
    Makeup lessons will not be offered for holidays during which NOTYETPRO Swim School schedules and conducts classes.
    12Physical Distancing poolside
    Please be aware of the students and parents before/after you and maintain distance between each family unit.
    Please wait for the instructor’s directions & approval to enter the pool. It is important to bring toys/books/games to keep young siblings entertained. Please wait for your lessons to begin & end in the waiting area or on the deck until your teacher calls the students name.
    14Inclement Weather (outdoor locations)
    • We swim rain or shine. Lessons continue when it is raining unless we have thunder and lightning present or the bottom of the pool is not visible.
    • Weather cancellations are often made at the last minute due to fluctuations and quickly changing weather patterns.
    • Instructors will telephone clients on the day of scheduled swim lessons if lessons are to be canceled due to inclement weather. If lessons are canceled due to inclement weather (thunder/lightning), you will be notified by phone at least 30 minutes before class.
    • Lessons canceled by the instructor at the last minute due to inclement weather conditions will be rescheduled. Please be sure we have your correct contact information including your cell phone number.
    • Children who are not potty trained are not eligible for lessons
    • Accidents in the pool degrade the chlorine and Ph levels and make pool water unsafe
    • “Number 2’s” in the pool will shut the pool down completely for 24 hours.
    • We are always concerned and aware of the Health and Safety of our swimmers and instructors.
    • 16Arriving early – staying after
      • Swimmers should arrive ready in swimsuits/sunscreen
      • Please ensure that swimmers wait to get in the water until their name has been called by their instructor indicating the start of their class.
      • If under 14 & UNDER PARENT SUPERVISION, swimmers are free to practice/play in the pool after class has ended.
      17Toys/teaching tools:
      • We are now sharing tools/toys.
      • We will not be loaning goggles to students; please bring your own.
      • Toys/teaching tools are used in chlorinated water, which is a disinfectant
      18Student Protection
    • Students must shower/rinse off before entering the pool.
    • We highly suggest rinsing off chlorinated water as soon as you can after the lesson.
    • 19COVID Info
      • As of February 1, 2021 all NotYetPro Swim School, Inc. staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
      • Teachers are directed to back away from swimming students when possible to maintain 6’ distance who do not need direct hands-on assistance.
      • If the instructor can coach the student from the deck, they have been given that prerogative.
      • If a student is a non swimmer, of course the instructor will stay close to swimmer/within an arms reach/or hands on.
      • Instructors are warned to stay out of direct exhales of air and to avoid droplets of water in students' faces. If there is such an occurrence, the teacher will dip their face in the chlorinated pool immediately to disinfect.